Filligree corrugated board

G-flute – for specialty areas

The developments in the past years show that there is an interest in the area of G-flute-packaging. The advantage of G-flute, as opposed to plain paperboard, lies in the high construction values with less material.

In contrast to plain paperboard, it allows you to individualize small amounts (from 12,000 m²). With this, completely new areas are opened up for marketing and packaging development.

- display-sturdy packaging
- table displays
- bottle packaging
- packaging for electronics

for trays in the food industry – fast food,
fatty pastries, cakes
grease-proof backsides
– food approval wet and fatty products
– insulation

white, very light for shipments by mail
(a special “eye catcher” for your
shipping needs)

natural surface – glossy white to colored inner trays for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and confectionery

for beer packaging and other heavy products – especially robust and stable

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