Making the “inner worth” visible

Think "outside the box"

The packaging design has a pre-eminence. In terms of a cost-benefit analysis, packaging represents the most effective advertising medium and is often the only possibility for branding.



Crucial for the sale: the packaging and your design

The packaging is the deciding factor in sale and offers leeway for strategic pricing.

The technical feasibility of the packaging allows several opportunities which could be pragmatically checked beforehand (i.e. attention, image, the learning curve and handling).

The packaging, as well as the performance, should be positively perceived by consumers. The attention to details ensures that the consumer is affected by the exposure and design.

Only such stimuli that bring attention to the product are consciously perceived and positively processed. Every perception is influenced by its surroundings. This not only includes the visual perspective, but also tactile stimuli.

The right product placement: We’ll help you position your product!


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