Design takes precedence over function and price. (K. Sakashita)


The design of the packaging not only directs the customer’s attention to the product, it also significantly defines the expectations regarding quality and performance characteristics.

In many cases, the design is the most important factor for branding and is a crucial factor that influences the product’s image as well as possibilities for pricing.


(Random sample: 500g salt package 08/2010)

The creative design process utilizes pragmatic and possible technical alternatives. The design of a package is comprised of the choices of appropriate and sensible types of packaging (according to CAD construction), the necessary structural material specifications and the graphic design as well as the technical alignment for production in various manufacturing and printing processes.

Optimal results are only be obtained by considering all factors from the basic intentions to the technical feasibility.

This incorporates the general framework that results in the type of presentation on the shelf, the expenditure of time for shelf upkeep, transport, pallet-setting schemes etc. as well as the graphical illustration possibilities in specific printing processes. For the customer, a rewarding experience with the product is most important.

Our services:

- packaging concepts
- technical set-up
- graphic design